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Our vision for Adventist Home

Adventist concepts can add value. The opportunity to combine lifestyle training and coaching with a supportive residential environment is an opportunity to develop a cutting edge advance in senior living.

  • Develop a holistic senior community based on  Adventist values and lifestyle

  • Facilitate opportunities to experience a meaningful, healthful and purposeful senior life experience

  • Adapt Eden Alternative principles to support all aspects of community life

    • Build community spirit so that residents find opportunity to both give and receive assistance

    • Incorporate unique Adventist insights relevant to meaningful and purposeful living

      • Help residents to avoid boredom by pursuing a God-given purpose for living

      • Help residents to avoid loneliness by experiencing partnership and companionship with God

  • Operate as a facilitator of service to our community of seniors rather than acting as a landlord

  • Encourage a culture of collaboration, networking and community engagement

    • Explore possibility of someone developing a senior services agency that could provide support services to residents as well as to seniors in surrounding areas

    • Facilitate development of opportunities for service and ministry

    • Explore a partnership with Livingston Adventist church that provides opportunity to collaborate on mission and ministry projects of mutual interest

      • Community service

      • Outreach efforts

      • Vacation bible school?

      • Healthful living events

  • Arrange for educational events and availability of coaching or consulting services to aid in adopting healthy lifestyle changes

  • Follow universal design principles to maximize accessibility and usability

  • Use service design principles to develop the best quality services to applicants, residents and visitors

    • Using the methods and principles of service design, we can greatly enhance the services we provide to prospects and residents.

    • Service design improves the experiences of both the user and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support customer journeys. Service design is all about creating an optimal experience for the user when they interact with a particular service provider. An example of a commonly used tool is creating a customer journey map which visualizes all experiences that a customer has with a certain product or service over time. This helps to identify weak points in the customer experience and may also highlight opportunities for enhancement.

  • Develop a center for healthful living

    • Locate the center where it can be a center of activity for the campus and can feature the view of the Catskill mountains 

    • Include a lounge and viewing area as well as activity areas that support whole person wellness

  • Ultimately reaching a maximum of 200 units (depending on the need and what the town will allow)

    • Primarily independent living units

      • Primarily one and two bedroom apartments

      • Maximize affordability

      • Maximize energy efficiency

      • Use green materials to minimize adverse health impact

    • Including two or more Green House or small house assisted living units depending on need.

      • Green House or Small House for assisted living would fill an immediate need

      • There are residents and potential residents right now who could benefit from various levels of assisted living

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