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Hear from our Residents

Whether you’ve spent many years at Adventist Home Inc. or you’re a new community member, we take the satisfaction of each and every one of our residents very seriously. People are talking about our incredible scenery and friendly community, and proudly recommend life at the Adventist Home. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our neighbor testimonials.

Fred and Linda Davis.jpg

Fred and Linda Davis

A Lifetime of Livingston Love

Fred and Linda Davis are the kind people every young couple dreams of being someday. They’ve been married for 53 years and spent all but four months of their life together as residents of The Adventist Home. No one knows The Adventist Home like Linda and Fred do. Linda’s family made Livingston their home in 1959.

Linda’s dad was a cook at The Adventist Home when an assisted living facility was operating inside the iconic main building that still sits on site today.  She recalls her dad engaging the  residents with meal prep and tending to the huge garden on site. Today, Fred grows tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans in their garden and they both look out for all of their neighbors.   

Linda met Fred when she was 17 years old in Union Springs.  He would join her back in Livingston where they were married in 1966.  Linda fondly refers to her wedding as the first wedding at The Adventist Home. They were one of four couples who would rearrange the old dining hall in the main building for their nuptials. Linda recalls her voice teacher wasn’t able to come down to the wedding, and so the bridal party went upstairs to visit her. And just months following Linda and Fred’s wedding, Linda’s younger brother would be married at the retirement home as well.

The Adventist Home was not just home for Fred and Linda, but work and church too. Fred worked as a dishwasher and eventually moved into a maintenance role. Linda served as a nurse’s aide and would get to know and take care of residents in the assisted living facility. They watched the ground breaking and construction of the Livingston Seventh-day Adventist Church which sits adjacent to the property.  


Over the years, Linda and Fred have seen families come and go as they raised their own two daughters and son on the grounds. Decades later, today they have 10 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Every Thanksgiving the family gets together back where their story began and where so many memories are shared. Fred and Linda have visited other places, but their love for Livingston always brings them back home. As their family has grown and changed, so have their accommodations.  From a cottage to a family home and now apartment – they’ve found a cozy place to call home at each stage of their journey without having to move a mile.


While much has changed over the years, Fred and Linda find God’s love has never failed them at The Adventist Home. Linda loves to look out her kitchen window and take in the panoramic beauty of the Catskill Mountains. She hears the birds chirping, and enjoys long strolls each day taking in God’s creation with her good friend Susan and her kittens. 


Fred and Linda are a part of The Adventist Home, just as The Adventist Home is a part of them. God willing, they’ll be here to greet all who come and go with an open door to the home and community they love.  

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